Alaska UAS Interest Group Annual Meeting 2015

Annual Meeting: Aug. 31-Sept. 4, 2015
Fairbanks, Alaska

We are excited to welcome you to Fairbanks, the birthplace of Alaska's UAS industry, for the 2015 AUASIG Annual Meeting.

The meeting is open to interested government, industry, and private participants in all fields of unmanned systems and robotics, as well as potential users from a variety of agencies, associations, institutions, and commercial interests who might benefit from the use of these new and emerging technologies.

Themes will include:

    UAS operations in the Arctic; lessons learned, challenges, and opportunities
    • The role of UAS in emergency response, interagency communications, and the path forward
    • UAS Test Sites; what they mean to the UAS community, and how to work with them
    • UAS outside the U.S.; what is happening in Canada and Europe, and what that means to us
    • A requirements-driven future and economical and efficient use of UAS technology
    • Understanding government, industry, and private unmanned systems and robotics needs and issues
    • Exploration and identification of ways we can work together to safely achieve common goals
    • The impact on civil and commercial manned and unmanned aircraft activity in Alaska
    • The role of unmanned systems and robotics in education, research, science, natural resource management, natural disasters, emergency response, search and rescue and much more
    • Working with education institutions in transforming and shaping the minds of young people through the National Science Foundation’s science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) goals

    In addition:
    • The Alaska Legislative Task Force on Unmanned Aircraft Systems will convene at the conclusion of the UAS Interest Group meeting.
    • A FAA Technical Interchange Meeting may be held during this week as well.

    Event coordinator:

    Diana Campbell


UAS in Action

See the takeoff and recovery of an unmanned aircraft in the Bering Sea from the NOAA Ship McArthur II. Footage and photos from the flight included as well.